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Of all the various parts that make up your sewer system, the pipes are the most important. You wouldn’t even have a sewer system without pipes. Without healthy pipes your sewer system won’t operate properly.

Sewer Inspection in Orange County

We offer a full range of inspection services for your sewer, so that you can catch any issues with your plumbing.

Sewer Repairs in Orange County

We offer comprehensive repair services throughout Riverside County, Orange County, San Bernardino County and the Inland Empire.

CIPP Lining in Orange County

We offer a full range of CIPP services, so that you can have your pipes repaired and replaced as cost–effectively as possible.

Hydrojetting in Orange County

Full-service hydrojetting using a high-pressured flow of water to scour the interior surfaces of the plumbing pipes, removing debris that’s built up inside the pipe walls over time.

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Sewer Pipe Descaling in Orange County, CA Without damaging the pipe.

What is Cast-Iron Pipe Descaling?

Pipe Descaling is a new process utilizing a special machine with multiple attachments attached to a rotating cable.  SewerRepairs.com likes this because it is a lot safer on cast iron pipes that are in bad shape and cannot be cleaned using hydro-jetting.  With our descaling machine we can scrape the corrosion off the inner walls of the cast iron pipe, allowing it to be flushed down the sewer.

Cast-Iron Pipe

Cast iron pipe has been a sewer line standard for several decades and has an average lifespan between 30 – 50 years. Over time however, as metallic surfaces come into contact with moisture, rusting and corrosion set in. As these issues progress, the pipe weakens and it eventually needs to be replaced due to the deterioration or failure.

Pipe Rust

Like any metal pipe that comes directly into contact with waste and water, the interior of a cast iron pipe will rust naturally over time. Rusting on the interior of a cast iron pipe reduces the flow of the sewer line. First, rust on the interior of the pipe constricts the diameter of the pipe as it continues to build up. Second, this rust creates a rough surface which results in the slowing down of water through the pipe.

Pipe Corrosion

After years the water flow will create a channel at the bottom of the pipe. If untreated this channel will cause erosion of the pipe, pipe structure will weaken. This allows for foreign material to enter the line.  Additionally water will escape the pipe causing erosion which eventually bellies in the pipe line which will lead to collapse of the pipe.

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